New Listings + Properties Sold

It’s been another great week – so thankful for the great opportunities, our customers, and our ever hard-working agents.

We’ve got some great new listings, including cozy homes and beautiful land (right click and save a picture to keep and print if something stands out to you):

508 Oak St (1).jpg

564 E 4th st.jpg

1004 E Lake.jpg

1090 Gladdice Highway.jpg

4677 old sparta rd.jpg

5715 Pleasant Ridge.jpg

6704 s smith chapel rd (1).jpg

Copy of 965 Fairground St.jpg

Holleman Bend (1).jpg

hwy 85 gainesboro.jpg

Next, congrats to the dozen houses successfully sold this week – hooray!

154 Grady Pigg.jpg

248 Bayberry.jpg


388 Okalona.jpg

607 Sherman Dr.jpg


1300 Barlow Dr.jpg

2049 Neeley Creek.jpg

3375 Dietz Drive.jpg

5006 Hayden Ct.jpg

Chestnut St.jpg

Fox Hill.jpg

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks – we’re here if you need us for your real estate needs.


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