Is Your House Ready to Sell?

You’ve thought about it, you’ve poked around Zillow and Trulia for houses that might be “the next one,” and you’re ready to list your home for sale. Before you put it on the market, you might consider doing a few simple things to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Recruit a friend or family member to come and walk through your home with new eyes. What would you look for if you were walking into this house for the first time with the intention of purchasing it? Do the bushes out front need to be trimmed? The entryway spruced up? Perhaps some furniture needs to be rearranged to look more inviting.

Here are some tips to showcase your wonderful home and get you on your way to attracting a quality buyer:

Clean up the front yard

Trim the lawn, hedges, and overgrown trees. Touch up flower beds and take away lawn ornaments so people can enjoy your yard without distraction.

Spruce up your front entryway

They say first impressions are important! Clean and unclutter your doorway, front step, or porch. Touch up paint and other scratches and dents, clean the shutters, and add a nice doormat.

Clean and Unclutter

Clean, clean, clean. Clean the carpets and windows, polish appliances, dust fan blades, degrease the oven…make it all sparkle and shine as much as possible. Pack up extra knick-knacks and personal items and clear out piles of shoes and mail to create open space and highlight your home. Organize your closets to present the appearance of plenty of storage space. You get the idea!

Take down personal items

Take down family pictures, certificates and other things with names on them, kids’ artwork etc. Let the buyer imagine the space as their own.

Remove and rearrange furniture

Move out bulky furniture and arrange rooms to look attractive and neat.

Paint the walls

Consider painting the walls in more neutral colors; overly bold colors may not appeal to a potential buyer’s imagination and decorating sense

Stage a comfortable home

Put pretty towels and decorative soap in the bathroom. Leave a tray with an open book on an ottoman. Place a bowl of colorful fruit in the kitchen. For a few dollars and some creativity, you can create a beautifully homey environment

Beware of odors

Avoid cooking foods with strong smells – fish, curry, garlicky dishes, fried meat. Remove kitty’s litter box and beware the musk of the fun-loving pup who has been romping in the rain

Brighten it up inside

Turn on the lights and open the blinds and curtains; a bright and airy home is always a positive thing

And last but not least:

Get all the little things fixed

Patch up the little holes in the wall, fix the leaky faucet, tighten up doorknobs and towel racks…all of the things you’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t gotten around to. As in life, the little things do matter.

Even if you’re on a budget, we hope you’ll be able to find some resources and time to get these things done. A little bit goes a long way, and you might find when you’re done gussying up your home that you’ll have a hard time wanting to leave.


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